Def Leppard's "Hysteria" and Singles

For the moment, I have been diving through my rather large music collection and looking for some material that runs in a series. I intend to cover other mediums as well, but for now I will indulge through what I have collected.

Continuing on to hard rock/metal band Def Leppard’s 1987 multi-platinum seller Hysteria, which was followed by no fewer than seven singles. The cover for the album and singles were designed by Andie Airfix of Satori, whom had designed previous covers for the band as well.

At first when you look at the album and singles, it appears the background of each single is a different crop of the main album art.

Hysteria album

Women Animal Hysteria single Pour Some Sugar on Me Love Bites Armageddon It Rocket

However, when I was browsing for album covers with CoverScout, I came across an interesting discovery that I never would have noticed on my own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen singles so painstakingly fit together design-wise with their parent album like puzzle pieces in this way. Kudos to whoever noticed this! I’ll be on the lookout for any other singles that do anything similar to this.

Hysteria singles together
(image via here)

1987, Hysteria album
1987, “Women” single
1987, “Animal” single
1987, “Hysteria” single
1988, “Pour Some Sugar on Me” single
1988, “Armageddon It” single
1989, “Rocket” single