Follow-Up: Belle and Sebastian & Arab Strap

It has been brought to my attention the similarities of some of the album, EP, and single covers of the also Glasgow-based indie rock band Arab Strap that also formed in the mid 1990s to Belle and Sebastian’s. The look and feel bring an interesting question of how intentional was this resemblance. I have included here the Arab Strap covers that particularly bear the characteristics these similar bands share. So was it a matter of cultural influence or clear intention? You be the judge.

Here We Go & Trippy (Afternoon) Soaps Elephant Shoe Monday at the Hug & Pint The Shy Retirer Dream Sequence Speed Date

1998, “Here We Go/Trippy” single
1998, “(Afternoon) Soaps” single
1999, Elephant Shoe album
2003, Monday at the Hug & Pint album
2003, The Shy Retirer EP
2005, “Dream Sequence” single
2006, “Speed Date” single