Overnight Sensations Books

It’s about time to add a new category to the mixture of design series featured here on Design in a Series.

Chronicle Books have always been a favorite publisher of mine, varying the subjects of their publications and having exquisite design from cover to cover. They recently published a set of travel books featuring luxurious hotels and locations from around the world, titled Overnight Sensations: Hotels for the Discerning Traveler. The covers for these three books $100 USD each are well-unified by the breathtaking photographs and consistent typographic layout.

Overnight Sensations: The AmericasOvernight Sensations: Europe, Middle East, AfricaOvernight Sensations: Asia, Pacific

The author of the series is world-renowned hotel reviewer Philippe Kjellgren, who has done his fair share of traveling to over 100 countries in his lifetime. Skimming through the photographs of these will instantly transform any reader to the destinations featured throughout these books. Next time you are planning a vacation, you might desire your destination to offer the vistas shared in these pages.

Overnight Sensations: The Americas by Philippe Kjellgren
Overnight Sensations: Europe Middle East Africa by Philippe Kjellgren
Overnight Sensations: Asia Pacific by Philippe Kjellgren

found via Chronicle Books Blog